Monday, 26 May 2014

Camino Day 9

Date: May 26th
Start: Le Burgo Ranero
Stop: Leon
Distance: 39 km
Weather: Clear and cool
Summary in one sentence: Shortish riding day to allow for 5ime to explore Leon on foot.

Cold early start for flat straight ride to village of Reliegos where I bumped into some pelegrinos fom Nelson, BC.  One of them knows my mother in law's cousin who lives there!  Another 26 km to the main plaza in the city of Leon.  Found a great one star hotel behind the cathedral where I was able to check in early, clean up and do a walk about.  Very beautiful and historic  city.  Visited the cathedral which is considered in the league of Chartes and Notre Dame.   Grabbed a donar and bought over priced gloves (I only brought along my fiingerless cycling ones) as freezing fingers are getting old.  A pelegrinos I chatted with reminded me there is a 1500 meter summit ahead so could be colder yet.


  1. In Reliegos it appears that some residences are covered in earth with a chimney sticking out. What's the story behind that? (pictures seen via Google maps)

  2. Forgot to say that I really like the picture of the silhouette of you and your bike. :-)